Look up on social media for bodybuilding influencers and you’ll find hundreds of them sporting incredibly-ripped physiques, that would have been enough to win awards at amateur tourneys a decade or two ago.

What gives? Is there a sudden increase in the number of perfect ‘aesthetic’ physiques lately?

Bodies that are the right symmetry, size and body fat levels?

Is it due to the easy availability of anabolic steroids? Possibly.

But there’s another factor that’s being overlooked.

That’s easy access to information. We know a lot more about using anabolic compounds than we did a few decades ago.

One of the most underrated compounds that bodybuilders are beginning to use a lot more often these days is Insulin. That’s the result of awareness and quality information.

Insulin is an underrated gem that can dramatically improve your body. At the same time, it does not cause any of the side effects that anabolic steroids do. You won’t get bitch tits. No hair loss. No estrogen spikes.

There’s one little problem though. If you aren’t careful with it, it can kill you.

What if we give you a supplement that mimics the effect of Insulin, without the risks associated with it?

Enter N2Slin.

What is N2Slin?

Amplify nutrient delivery
Partition your nutrients
Burn Fat
Does not cause hypoglycemia

N2Slin is an insulin modulator and nutrient parting agent that mimics the action of insulin in the body.

To understand how it works, it’s important to have a rough idea of how Insulin works in the body.

When you ingest a source of sugar, your pancreas automatically secrete insulin to help regulate blood sugar levels. This is called an Insulin spike.

Apart from helping maintain stable and safe blood sugar levels, Insulin secretion also helps to shuttle some of this sugar into your cells to be stored as energy.

In normal circumstances, the glucose is shuttled to both, muscle and fat cells.

If you could somehow modulate this nutrient delivery to ensure that the glucose, amino acids such as leucine, tyrosine and valine, and potassium is primarily delivered to muscle cells, then you could make rapid gains.

That’s where N2Slin comes into the picture.

It is more selective in its action and that’s what makes it, the game changer in the world of performance enhancement.  

If you have never heard of N2Slin, or are skeptical about using Insulin for your bodybuilding goals, then here are four ways in which it can completely transform your body.

#1 – It will amplify nutrient delivery to your muscles

One of the first and most important differences that N2Slin will make to your body is by amplifying nutrient delivery into your muscle cells.

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Your body is fueled by Glycogen and when you lift heavy repeatedly, day after day, you will continue to draw from your limited glycogen reserves. After a certain point, this reserve gets depleted severely.

There’s only one way to replenish these glycogen stores or at least restore them to baseline levels.

That’s by consuming carbohydrates.

Only, there’s a small problem. If you consume more carbs than what’s needed, then your glycogen levels will never get depleted and your body starts to store the excessive carbohydrates as fat.

N2Slin modulates insulin, which amplifies the nutrient delivery into your starved muscles after a workout.

So, even if you are consuming only a fraction of the carbohydrates that you normally do, it will still ensure that every gram of the carbohydrate is delivered to your muscle cells and subsequently, to your glycogen stores.

Then comes the next effect.

#2 – N2Slin partitions your nutrients

Why is Trenbolone called the most powerful anabolic steroid?

Different people have different reasons for using it.

Some people love that it builds lean dry muscle without any water retention. Others love that it burns fat while building muscle.

One of the most important traits that’s unique to Trenbolone is that it is an effective nutrient parting compound. It ensures that every gram of protein that you consume is effectively shuttled to your muscle tissue. In a nutshell, the same amount of food that you eat becomes a lot more effective.

That’s what N2Slin does. While amplifying nutrient delivery into your starved muscle tissue, it ensures that none of it is delivered to fat cells. The nutrients are delivered instead to your muscle tissue only, thereby starving your fat cells.

This stimulates protein synthesis. If you can time your dose post workout, N2slin will help prevent protein degradation.

Picture undergoing a complete body recomp while continuing to eat the same amount of calories that you always did.

That sums up N2slin for you.

#3 – N2Slin will help you recomp your body by burning fat

n2slin review - ingredients

While starving fat cells with nutrient parting is in its own way, very effective, N2Slin takes it one notch ahead.

It contains a whole bunch of powerful natural fat burners and insulin modulators.

Green Tea Extracts

Helps reduce cortisol which in turn helps reduce body fat levels and improves the efficiency of cardio

Coleus Forskohlii

Increases androgen sensitivity which amplifying your body’s response to Insulin. This makes your meals more effective. Remember what we mentioned about nutrient parting?

Green Coffee Beans

Ensures that your excessive protein doesn’t get converted into fat

Gymnema Sylvestre

Increases Insulin output from your pancreas. Unlike exogenous insulin, endogenous insulin spikes after a workout can be tremendously beneficial. However, the spikes are not random. They are controlled and slow.

Crape Myrtle

Mimics the effect of insulin and increases Glucose Uptake in your muscle cells. Once again, this increases the effectiveness of the food that you consume. Less food will produce better and more pronounced results.


Helps reduce bad cholesterol

#4 – N2Slin does not cause hypoglycemia

n2slin results before and after

One of the most important reasons why you and anybody who uses insulin must be extremely careful is that it can cause your blood sugar levels to drop suddenly, unless you balance it with a lot of sugar intake.

But how do you know how much sugar to take to balance that insulin dose? It’s tricky.

Bodybuilder Rich Piana is alleged to have died after injecting Insulin, which caused hypoglycemia and he slipped into a coma from which he never recovered.

N2Slin, while offering all the effects and benefits of Insulin, does not mess with your natural Insulin levels and blood sugar levels. That’s of paramount importance folks.

Your blood sugar levels will not reduce, which means that you do not need to use copious amounts of blood sugar with this.

N2Slin Review
  • Burn Fat
  • Partition your nutrients
  • Amplify nutrient delivery

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