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UALC is an online bodybuilding resource providing expert advice and information on all things from nutrition and fitness to workout routines and supplements.

We are an independent website that has all of your bodybuilding questions covered. Whether it is a particular query about what type of nutritional mix you should be incorporating into your diet to aid muscle development, or whether your level of fitness is sufficient to take on a new workout regimen, we at (website name) have the answers that you can trust.

We are also committed to providing information that puts your health and safety at the forefront of your bodybuilding. We will always alert you to what constitutes safe and unsafe bodybuilding practices. For example, we will always highlight the danger of trends such as dangerous compounds that could have a significantly detrimental impact upon your physical and mental well being.

All of our bodybuilding information reflects modern independent research and is based upon the best clinical studies and science.