Cardazol (Banned Nutrition)

Why Cardazol is the perfect fat burning, pre-workout supplement?

One of the athletes in the gym was hooked to a particular pre-workout supplement, as he felt that it helped him tide through the most grueling workouts.

That’s fine really. We are all for using supplements that are helpful in achieving your goals.

But, the problem started when the supplement was no longer available.

The guy couldn’t lift even 50% of what he normally did. His cardio suffered too. He was like a deflated balloon.

No energy, no motivation.

When we checked his favorite pre-workout supplement, it contained 1500mg of Caffeine, along with a whole bunch of other stimulants.

That’s a ridiculously high dose of caffeine for a recreational bodybuilder.

It was no wonder that he was feeling low without it.

That’s usually the case with most pre-workout supplements out there. It’s laced with more stims than what your body can handle safely.

The result is that you feel great until the effects of the stims last. You feel that constant buzz while you do cardio. But you’ll crash and burn soon after.

Also, your body will build a tolerance to it, which means that you’ll need to keep taking more and more to produce the same stimulant effects.

That’s why we prefer Cardazol. It is a completely safe pre-workout supplement that ticks two of the most important boxes that we look for.

  1. It burns fat
  2. Cardazol does not contain an overdose of stimulants.

What is Cardazol?

Cardazol is a safer, more effective alternative to stimulant-crammed pre-workout supplements.

It was designed to provide natty users with a supplement that’s similar in its action to Cardarine, the REV-ERB agonist that’s being sold extensively by SARMS sellers.

Just like Cardarine, Cardazol functions like ‘exercise in a bottle’.

It amplifies your resting metabolic rate, which gives you a continual source of energy all day.

Cardazol burns fat even when you are resting, by increasing NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

It boosts your endurance and stamina, making cardio easier for you.

If you were considering using Cardarine for amplifying your cardio, then here are four reasons why Cardazol might be a better choice.

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#1 – Cardazol has much better bioavailability

Cardazol has 100% bioavailability. The ingredients are mostly natural and the absorption rate is excellent, which means that every milligram of Cardazol that you use, will be available for your body.

Cardarine on the other hand has less than 10% bioavailability. Some users believe that it is as low as 7-8%.

This means that you will have to take insanely high doses of this compound to even come close to a performance enhancing dose.

We didn’t cook that up. It was explicitly stated by the guy who developed Cardarine, Professor Thomas Burris.

Why do SARMS sellers claim that it’s effective then?

Well, for one, it’s a shit load of money. There are millions of athletes looking for that extra buzz during cardio sessions, which means that anything that’s even remotely effective at improving cardio sells in droves.

Try Cardazol. You can thank us later.

#2 – The energy buzz lasts all day

Unlike stimulant-loaded supplements, Cardazol has an entirely different working mechanism.

It has a stack of ingredients that mobilizes fat from the most-stubborn fat deposits in the body, making it available for burning as fuel.

This means that If you follow a strict diet, and are doing your cardio, irrespective of whether it’s steady-state or HIIT, you will have a continual flow of energy to fuel your workouts with.

This buzz, or energy flow, lasts all day. There is no sudden surge followed by an equally sudden crash.

It’s consistent.

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#3 – It helps to burn fat while maintaining good health

The big draw of Cardarine is that it ‘supposedly’ helps you to burn more fat, while making cardio easier.

Only, this rarely translates into real-world results because of the poor bioavailability.

Cardazol though, does exactly this.

It has the most powerful fat burning stack that we’ve ever seen in a pre-workout supplement. That’s not all. It also contains a powerful blend of Vitamins and Herbs which reduce inflammation and keep your joints functioning smoothly.

No more, sore joints or nasty cramps during, or after cardio. Your recovery rate is amplified as well.


Enhances insulin, which in turn boosts nutrient delivery and makes more of your consumed food available for energy. Also assists with Nutrient parting


Improves brain functioning and increases the transportation of fatty acids into your cells to be burnt for fuel.

Green Tea

Crammed with antioxidants and flavonoids, Green Tea also increases fat oxidation by up to 17%

Dicaffeine Malate

Is also called the ‘No Crash’ Caffeine since it gives you all the benefits of caffeine without the crash associated with it


Helps maintain a healthy lipid profile by reducing LDL and increasing HDL


Reduces the risk of heart disease, lowers blood sugar, helps maintain healthy joint function, reduces muscle pain and soreness


Also called Bitter Orange extract or p‐synephrine, this is the natural alternative to ephedrine that increases thermogenesis without the jitters and the risks.

BioPerine® Black Pepper

A standardized extract of black pepper that contains at least 95% piperine. When clubbed with Curcumin, another ingredient in Cardazol, it is extremely effective at reducing body fat levels.

Dynamine and Tyrosine

Dynamine is a naturally occurring pure alkaloid that increases mental alertness. This keeps your focus razor sharp during your workouts. So does Tyrosine. It also boosts your mood.


Reduces muscle fatigue, muscle cramps and also burns fat

All of these ingredients are science-backed and clinically proven to be effective for their intended purpose.

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#4 – It boosts testosterone

Cardarine is believed to help you build bigger muscles by altering the circadian rhythm.

That’s the ultimate goal for most athletes, isn’t it?

A compound that burns fat and builds bigger muscles at the same time.

That’s exactly what Cardazol does.

It has a powerful testosterone boosting stack that consists of D-Aspartic Acid, Agmatine Sulfate, Iodine and Creatine HCL.

Not only do these compounds build bigger muscles, they also amplify intramuscular water retention which gives you that full, juiced look.

Clubbed with the fat burning stack, this allows you to get that ripped, aesthetic physique that you always dreamt of.

Also, this makes Cardazol a great supplement to add to any steroid or SARM stack, be it bulking or cutting.

Cardazol Review

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  • Endurance
  • Fat Burn
  • Strength
  • Testosterone Boost

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