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Legacy Program

Application Deadline: August 2014

Click here to download last year's Request for Proposals. The new RFP will be available May 2014.

Since 2003, Uniting Against Lung Cancer has awarded over $11.5 million supporting research aimed at improved treatment and a cure for lung cancers, including non-small cell and small cell lung cancers. The Foundation prioritizes novel ideas with potential to make a significant impact on current treatment of lung cancer and patient survival, adding years rather than months. In addition to funding the highest quality science, we have prioritized providing start-up funds for early-career investigators to build the foundation for a lung cancer research program. Investigators at all levels will be funded through the Legacy Program and are encouraged to apply. This program offers $100,000 awards at $50,000 per year.

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*Note: The budget template can be accessed within the online application.