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Cancer Researchers Rally for Medical Research in DC

Published: April 10th, 2013

UALC, along with over 200 research and advocacy organizations, rallied in Washington, DC to tell congress that funding for medical research should be a national priority.

The rally drew attendees from the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting, attended by 20,000 of the nation's leading cancer researchers. Members of congress, advocates, and leading scientists led the crowd, but much of the excitement came from the professors, students, and doctors showing their support. These are the people making the advances that will save lives, who are using taxpayer funds provided by the National Institutes of Health for the benefit of all Americans.

Anastasia Hagan, UALC Sr. Director of Development, and grantees Dr. Martin McMahon (UCSF), Dr. Katerina Politi (Yale)

"Our number one enemy is disease, and the scientists funded by the NIH are our Department of Defense." -Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) at a session during the AACR 2013 Annual Meeting.

UALC staffers participated in the event along with our grantees and Medical Committee members to show our support. NIH funding is critical for lung cancer researchers to continue to make discoveries, develop new treatments, and save lives. 

  • Over the past 40 years, 153 new FDA-approved drugs, vaccines, and new indications for current drugs were discovered by NIH-supported research.
  • The NIH has effectively lost approximately $6 billion, or 20 percent, in purchasing power and therefore its ability to fund life-saving research since 2003 (Source).
  • According to a United for Medical Research Report, in 2011, NIH investment supported 432,000 jobs and generated $62.13 billion in economic activity.
  • The $3.8 billion the U.S. government invested in the Human Genome Project from 1988 to 2003 helped drive $796 billion in economic impact and the generation of $244 billion in total personal income.  (Source: Battelle)
  • NIH-supported research has made the US the world leader in biomedical research. Without continued funding, we will fall behind other countries.

Continued support and funding is essential for us to make the breakthroughs that will improve treatments for all Americans battling disease, including lung cancer.

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