Strategy and Results

Uniting Against Lung Cancer believes innovative research holds the key to a cure for lung cancer. Our funding strategy is founded upon three main objectives:

Funding over $10 million in lung cancer research, resulting in:
  • Over $55 million in follow-on funding
  • Over 140 publications of peer reviewed research
  • Scientific discovery and new treatments in clinical trials
  • Career development of many leading lung cancer experts

Funding innovative research.

Though lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death, federal funding for lung cancer research remains low in comparison to other cancers. Guided by the UALC Medical Committee, we seek out new, innovative ideas that have potential to make a lasting impact on patients’ lives, but would otherwise go unfunded and unexplored.

Attracting the best and the brightest researchers to the field of lung cancer.

Many scientists choose to pursue programs in other cancers with more available funding. By providing funds explicitly for lung cancer research, we hope to draw more investigators to this field. Our goal is to provide funds that will serve as seed money to build larger research programs focused on lung cancer, as well as provide resources and a mentoring infrastructure for young scientists to draw upon the skills and experience of established leaders in the field of lung cancer.

Supporting open collaboration and sharing of information and ideas.

No one can cure lung cancer alone; the key to defeating lung cancer lies in the combined efforts of the brightest minds in cancer research. We aim to bring researchers together across sectors and disciplines, using their collective knowledge to formulate new ideas and collaborations to move forward towards a cure.

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