Sponsor a Research Grant

Gifts toward our Scientific Program will allow UALC to fund innovative research, stimulating new discoveries in the field and cutting edge treatments for lung cancer patients. We provide opportunities to fund or co-fund a grant in name of the family or loved one through our Legacy Program.

To date we have invested over $11.5 million towards innovative translational research, resulting in over $55 million in additional support from government and other sources, over 130 peer-reviewed publications and over 140 presentations of research at scientific meetings. Research grant recipients are awarded $100,000 over two years ($50,000/year) through our grants program. 

Browse our portfolio of funded projects to view grants sponsored by individuals, families, foundation and corporations who partner with UALC to fund critical research.

You can help make advancements in the field of lung cancer by funding or co-funding a research grant. Please contact the UALC office at (212) 627-5500  for more information regarding grant sponsorship opportunities.