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Published: May 7th, 2014

Dr. Anna Farago knew she wanted to be an oncologist from her first year at Harvard Medical School.

“As a first year medical student, I had the privilege of getting to know a woman who was being treated for metastatic breast cancer. Spending the time talking to her, I learned how deeply this terrible disease affected not only her, but also her family and others in her life. I painfully relearned this lesson years later when my own mother was diagnosed with advanced cancer. Now working with my patients and their families, I am constantly reminded of the tremendous toll that cancer takes on us all. Every day, I am driven to do what I can to help alleviate some of the suffering that people with cancer experience, to provide them with some guidance through their challenging journeys, and to improve their potential for long-term health and survival.”

Working at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, Dr. Farago is focused on developing better therapies for small cell lung cancer. She is developing a platform to systematically test new therapies in the lab, optimizing treatments before they enter clinical trials. Her research will help ensure that patients participating in clinical trials receive novel treatments that have the highest likelihood of success.

This summer, Dr. Farago will start as an Assistant in Medicine and Attending Physician in Thoracic Oncology at MGH, in addition to being an Instructor at Harvard Medical School. She will continue collaborating with laboratories at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Funding from UALC will allow her to pursue this critical research, in addition to caring for lung cancer patients.

“In the current economic environment, it is very hard to secure funding for even the most promising research projects. Non-profit organizations committed to funding specific disease research, like Uniting Against Lung Cancer, provide critically needed funds to support young scientists and early projects.

“This is a challenging time in my career – I am working to move my research forward in a competitive environment, to maintain an active and engaged clinical connection caring for patients with lung cancer, and to raise my two young daughters at home. Support from UALC allows me to continue my research and launch what I hope will be a long and impactful career in the field of lung cancer care and research. I am honored to receive this support.”

Dr. Farago, we’re honored to be supporting doctors like you.

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