Blog: Decoding the Research

New ways to fight cancer are the future of medicine

Published: January 9th, 2013

In case you missed it, a great article featuring two new breakthroughs in cancer therapies was published in the Wall Street Journal, "The Future of Medicine is Now". The article talks about six medical innovations happening right now - two of which are focused on fighting cancer. 

"Matching a Tumor to a Drug" highlights advances in personalized medicine and targeted therapies. Through uncovering the misbehaving genes causing the tumor to grow, we can use drugs targeted against those genes to attack the cancer. Click here to view research projects funded by Uniting Against Lung Cancer on targeted therapies.

Lung cancer has been at the forefront of this innovation in cancer treatment, with two targeted therapies against EGFR and ALK currently approved, and many more in development. It is important for cancer patients to talk to their doctors about molecular testing. Knowing the genetics of a tumor can help patients and doctors explore all treatment options, including clinical trials. Additional resources for patients include the Lung Cancer Mutation Consortium, a nation-wide effort to test non-small cell lung cancers including 16 cancer centers across the country.

"Letting You Body Fight Cancer" highlights cancer immunotherapy, a field quickly gaining attention. Past attempts at cancer immunotherapy had significant side effects, but many new cancer immunotherapy drugs show great promise. New drugs in development are preventing cancer cells from hiding from the immune system, our body's natural front line of defense. Check out this past blog post "Using the Immune System to Fight Cancer" to learn more.