Tom Zangas Memorial Lung Cancer Foundation

Tom Zangas was a devoted runner and triathlete, a member of Phi Beta Kappa, fluent in American Sign Language, dedicated to working with the gay and deaf communities, a clinical psychologist, and a non-smoker. In 2011, Tom died from KRAS non-small cell lung cancer at the young age of 40.

In his memory, Tom’s parents, Penelope and Leonard Zangas, started the Tom Zangas Memorial Lung Cancer Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity, to raise funds to fight a disease that takes too many young, accomplished and wonderful people without prejudice or reason.  To assist in fundraising efforts and to bring attention to the foundation and its work, the Zangas family partnered with the Archangel Michael Church in Post Washington, NY, to co-sponsor the Tom Zangas Memorial Lung Cancer Foundation 5K walk/run at Christopher Morley Park in Roslyn, NY. Check out race day photos from the 2014 Tom Zangas Memorial Lung Cancer Foundation 5K on Oct. 25 here. 

Just as Tom would not give up when his legs were burning after running 20 miles in one of his marathons, he never gave up on any other obstacles in his life either.  He remained a determined individual in his two-year battle against lung cancer, not stopping his search for help even when all seemed hopeless.  He fought on to gain extra days, weeks and months to spend with his partner Manny Kalamaras and his family. His indomitable spirit is an inspiration to those who knew him and those who are fighting this dreadful disease. 

Tom was a generous person, always giving of his time and funds to those in need. He continuously thought of others first and encouraged them to be true to themselves. He is missed.