Felice Lipit Jentis Memorial BAC Research Trust

Felice Lipit Jentis and Family

Felice could walk into a room and all eyes would turn to view this attractive, intelligent, dynamic, smiling person who had a terrific personality and great sense of humor.

Felice grew up in Westchester County, New York, and was very close to her parents and her sister, who looked up to her as a role model. She graduated from the University of Michigan, and had a successful career in advertising.

She was in the prime of her life, 39 years old, raising a family, working, and participating in community activities, when she heard the grim news – that she was diagnosed with Bronchioalveolar Carcinoma, a type of non-small cell lung cancer. How could this happen to an active and physically fit non-smoker? Just 2 months prior to her diagnosis, Felice climbed the Statue of Liberty, was playing tennis, took yoga classes and was raising a 7 year-old daughter and a 10 year-old son with her husband in New Jersey.

Felice was diagnosed in early October 2005 and died 32 days later. An informal organization of her friends, “Team Felice,” was set up while she was still alive to rally around her and still continues to support her family and her cause.

Felice's Trust

After Felice’s death, her family set up a charitable trust called the Felice Lipit Jentis Memorial BAC Research Trust to honor her.

The purpose of the Trust, established in November 2005, is to award grants to researchers doing novel and cutting edge research and experimentation. We hope that one day soon, an effective screening program will be developed to prevent anyone from getting this disease, to be able to diagnose this disease in its early stages, and to find a cure for non-smoking related lung cancer.

The Trust is a 501(c)(3) public charity, registered in the State of New York. The Trustees have all agreed to collaborate with other research-focused lung cancer organizations so that jointly we can make a difference and combat this deadly disease. We are a partner with Uniting Against Lung Cancer, whose mission is compatible with that of Felice’s Trust— to award grants dealing with Bronchioalveolar Carcinoma. Since 2006, we have co-funded researchers at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and the Mayo Clinic through the Research Grant Program.

Muriel Lipit, President of Felice’s Trust, was honored with a 2009 Volunteer Spirit Award for Quality of Life by the Volunteer Center of United Way of Westchester, New York. A grant was given to the Trust as well for the work the Trust is doing to help to combat nonsmokers lung cancer.

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