Caine Halter Lungs4Life

Caine Halter

Caine Halter, a lifelong resident of Greenville, SC, was a respected business leader and community advocate. Even more importantly, he was a beloved family man--the loving father of teenagers, Caine Jr. and Page, and completely devoted to his wife, Laurie, who was the love of his life. He was also a loving son, caring brother and treasured friend.

A natural athlete since childhood, Caine was a lifelong nonsmoker when he was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2006. His life journey was cut short by that lung cancer at the young age of 45.

Caine celebrated life and approached everything--including his cancer--with his incredible strength, amazing faith and remarkable grace. Caine realized each day was a gift, and he greeted it with joy and excitement. His tremendous heart, positive attitude and generous spirit guided him day by day. He taught us all lessons of hope by the way he lived his life and fought his cancer. Caine’s courage will forever inspire us.

There IS hope in the fight against lung cancer!

Caine’s family and friends are honoring his life by fighting back against lung cancer with passion and commitment. Caine Halter Lungs4Life is devoted to raising awareness of lung cancer, helping to raise funds for critical research and providing greater hope to others in the future.

In November 2008, Caine Halter Lungs4Life hosted the inaugural “Caine Halter Lungs4Life 5K run-walk.” The proceeds of the event were used to fund the first Caine Halter Fund for Lung Cancer Research Award. Also in 2008, The Caine Halter Fund for Lung Cancer Research also began sponsorship of the Hope Now Award.

In total, the Caine Halter Fund has invested more than $500,000 into lung cancer research through UALC programs since they began funding in 2008.

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