Barbara Parisi Fund

We celebrate the memory of our Board Member and friend, who inspired us with grants in her name. Barbara Parisi fought valiantly to beat lung cancer—both the disease and the stigma that haunts the diagnosis. Barbara’s memory will live on through the generous contributions of friends and family, the progress she inspires and, most importantly, in the hearts of her loved ones.

"Even though it's been almost five years since our Mother has passed, Barbara Parisi continues to be with us always - in our thoughts, in our hearts and in our conversations. Her first grandchild, Leah Parisi Cawley, at age 2, knows "Mimi", even though they never met in person, by the numerous photos arranged throughout our respective homes and in the memories we talk about. We laugh when we think about how Mom would react to some of the silly things Leah does and often think how Leah and Mom would have spent hours together playing and talking. Even though she is no longer with us, Barbara Parisi was and continues to be a presence in all of our lives.

Mom meant so much to so many who have fought and continue to battle this awful disease. We hope that continued funding of grants in her honor can make a difference so that future generations do not have to worry about lung cancer because a cure was discovered. If funding this grant means that we are that much closer to a cure for this terrible disease, where someone like our mother can be saved, it's worth it."

-Marisa and Ali Serano, Daughters of the late Barbara Parisi

View a list of research grants sponsored by the Barbara Parisi Fund here.